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Rosemount Farm CSA are establishing a biological demonstration farm (CSA). We are currently restoring our soils by remineralizing, as our coastal soils are very low in organics and essential minerals. When we have achieved this we will use compost & compost teas to introduce biological activity into our soils. 


This year we will introduce dairy goats to our farm and honey bees to pollinate our fruit and vegetable crops. We are registered breeders of English Large Black pigs.

This breed is one of Australia's heritage breed of a bygone era. Our aim is to promote this wonderful breed of pig to the greater community. 


So now we are free range pig & poultry farmers,breeding our own beef growing our own fruit & vegetables pollinating our crops with our own honey bees and soon to be producing our own goat dairy products all for our own company who are trustees for our local bio-region.

So welcome to our sojourn.

Rosemount Farm CSA
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