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Rosemount Farm CSA Online Store Launch


Welcome to Rosemount Farm CSA's update, on the latest around the farm where free range heritage pigs are grown to bring out the piggyness in our pork. 


This week we sent some of our pigs off to produce some wonderful free range old style pork, ham and bacon.  We are for the first time offering an online service so you can have a better idea of where we are headed.

No doubt there will be some hiccups, so your patience is appreciated.


Our free range Blue Merle piggies are six months old and have enjoyed all the care and happiness any pig could have, so we need to celebrate them once more enjoying the free range piggyness in their pork, ham & bacon. We will also offer from time to time, pig trotters for those of us that enjoy them, also cheek meat which is regarded as a sweet succulent cut.


All our free range pork will be cryovac packaged to retain its piggyness. We are intending to do two more pork runs before Christmas so get your orders in for some cured smoked ham and bacon, yum!


The pick-up day for our fresh free range pork will be: Saturday 18th 9.00 am to 12.00pm. (For confirmed orders ONLY)

We will

To simplify the process, all produce will be snap frozen after this date and supplied frozen:


See you soon

14th October 2014

Rosemount Farm CSA
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