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Effective Weed Control

ABC Jennifer Nichols - 23rd September 2016


A Sunshine Coast man who hires out herbivores as weed busters is urging more people to consider getting a goat as a lawn mower. Leo Phelan owns Arborcare Queensland, and for 25 years his team of arborists and ecologists has used traditional methods to manage trees and natural areas, and rehabilitate degraded environments.


But three years ago he established Eco-Goats, using the animals as an alternative to chemicals to graze weeds in difficult-to-access areas. "Goats for me are a long-term passion, and we've evolved something else out of our business," Mr Phelan said.

Online Store Launch

Leo Phelan - October 2014


Welcome to Rosemount Farm CSA's update, on the latest around the farm where free range heritage pigs are grown to bring out the piggyness in our pork. 


This week we sent some of our pigs off to produce some wonderful free range old style pork, ham and bacon.  We are for the first time offering an online service so you can have a better idea of where we are headed.

Rosemount Farm CSA
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